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Jihana is a cybersecurity expert and speaker highlighting the female experience in a male dominated industry. Her passion is to empower women with finding their balance between assertiveness and femininity through exploring their passion for tech.

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Born in Brooklyn, New York and currently residing in Florida -- Speaker, Millennial Tech Influencer, and Cybersecurity Professional, Jihana Barrett has flourished in her intelligence career for the past 10 years.


While in the United States Air Force, she was promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant, received her Associates degree in Intelligence and Technology from the Community College of the Air Force, received her Bachelor degree in Cybersecurity from the University of Maryland University College, acquired both her Security+ and Certified Ethical Hacker certifications (CEH) .

Following her separation from the military, Jihana received her Master degree in Cyber and Information Security from Capitol Technology University.

Currently, Jihana is a Senior Threat Vulnerability analyst  at a large telecom company where she has been for three years.


 Passionate about motivating the next generation of young women in tech, Jihana has spoken at schools and career fairs and is currently spearheading creative activations to engage and empower women in technology. She also created the Technical Beauty blog to showcase the various aspects of her experiences in the tech industry. 


When work is done for the day, Jihana enjoys traveling the world. She believes that experience is the best teacher and has been using the world as her classroom ever since.


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"Women are smart, creative, and innovative. We bring something different to the world of tech. I am a proud Cybersecurity professional, consistently working to create opportunities for women who need empowerment through leadership, mentorship, and networking. We are impacting the industry now more than ever before."

Jihana Barrett