CISSP Journey

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

My journey studying for and taking the CISSP exam.

Hello Technical Beauties!

I’ve decided to start a new “series” where I chronicle my journey through the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) exam. For those who aren’t in the Information Assurance or Cyber Security field, this test is a BIG deal! It is one of those certification that is under the “preferred” requirements on a job announcement. Long story short, it is a well-known and highly regarded exam and I am determined to take and pass it before 2019 is over (did we notice how I have claimed my victory already)! It consists of 8 Domains and I am going to tell you about my experiences with each domain, what study materials I use and just be totally transparent with you about my process through this exam. You all have become another set of accountability partners for me. By letting you know my process and my goals, I ask that you all help motivate me (because I am sure I will need it) and keep me on track. See you all on the other side of this thing! 

Domain 1 of the CISSP exam has confirmed for me that the past six years of school was not a waste of my time! None of the concepts were new to me or sounded as though I was hearing it for the first time (which I know won’t be the case by the time I get to Domain 8- Software Development Security). I was able to whizz through the pretest and I’m confident going into the practice test. However, the more I read the more I become overwhelmed with the test overall. I keep going back and forth with wondering if I’m reading the right books, if I have the right edition of books, do I have enough study materials covering the exam in general. This test is no joke. And all I keep hearing are the horror stories of people who’ve attempted once or even twice to take the exam.

I heard one success story and read another success story in the comments on Amazon under another CISSP test Book. Nonetheless I’m hopeful. I have my accountability partner and I am reading Shon Harris’ All In One CISSP Exam Guide cover to cover. I am taking notes, I am color coding my highlights, and surprisingly it’s giving me a lot of info for the possibilities in the cyber security realm. I’m not going to lie though; this domain is loooonnnnnggggg. I’m not sure if I’m not reading fast enough or if she’s just a tad on the wordy side but I feel like I’ve been trying to read this more about a month! I hear there is an audio version so I will check it out. I am trying to bear in mind that this test is the bigger picture and doesn’t get down so I should read to understand real world application of concepts and memorize whatever terms and practices are highlighted in bold. Any who, wish me luck heading into Domain 2.

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